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My Favorites On Horrible Shirts!

My favorite part of the day is when I open Instagram and check the new shirts on the Horrible Shirts account. They always make my day, and I thought I would share some of my personal favorite shirts that we’ve made over the years. I even have some of these shirts, and I wear them on a daily basis. They are just so comfy, and with the holiday season around the corner, these shirts are the perfect gift for a loved one that’s always cracking jokes or has that sense of humor that just toes the line of being offensive.

Starting off with a shirt that is great

for those who love the classic “Your Mom” jokes, our Your Mom is My Cardio shirt! This is honestly so funny, and depending on your relationship with a stepparent, it can also be a super great gift to them. Not a fan of the Mom Cardio? That’s fine! We have a Your Dad Is My Cardio shirt as well. These two shirts go really well together. Who needs those Mrs and Mr shirts, when you have those?

I’m a big fan of Dungeons and Dragons, I’m also terrible at it, so this next shirt is perfect! If you’re like me and love the game, but have bad luck when it comes to rolling the dice, then you’ll love the Don’t Worry I Have A Plan shirt. This shirt has a big D20 dice in the middle, with the one facing up, showing the failed roll. I’ve only played a game a handful of times, but I had the worst luck out of everyone at the table.

While I wouldn’t count this in my favorites list, I felt obligated to put this shirt here. Every time I tell my dad that I can’t do something, he always responds, Can’t or Won’t? So now it’s a shirt, because of course it is. It’s also on the cheaper side, and as a broke college student, I put priority on that. This is actually a pretty motivational phrase when I’m not annoyed at my dad for saying it. It really helps to figure out what my priorities are at the moment, and if it is something I have the willpower to do.

Next up is one of my favorite items on the website, and notice I say items because it is not a shirt. Nope, it’s a teddy bear wearing a shirt! This is one of the cutest things and a great gift idea for loved ones. The shirt of the teddy bear says I Love You In Every Universe, which is adorable! Honestly, I’ll probably get one for a loved one for the winter holidays coming up, it really is just a great gesture.

A little backstory to this particular shirt, I have an ongoing list of quotes my family says on my notes app. This shirt actually holds one of the first quotes from that list, said by no other than my dad. If that one gets enough love, I may make more shirts using the quotes list, who knows? Anyways, the shirt says If There Are No Calories On The Menu, Then There Are No Calories. Which is a true statement, for the most part.

We are at the end of our last list! One last shirt and then you should go read my other blogs (they’re pretty good). Before I tell you what the shirt is, let me know if you want more favorites lists from yours truly! I only mentioned the recent shirts in this article, but I can always do more! Now, on to our last shirt!

My dad actually got this one for me, and I brought it to college. It’s the If You’ve Got Ears, I Got Stories shirt. I was told to wear this to parties (college parties) and this way the shirt can be a conversation starter. He’s not wrong, but I don’t think a college party is the setting to wear that shirt, maybe a club meeting or something along those lines. Either way, I did bring it and I will give an update on if the shirt works! But if you have an introverted kid or sibling that has a hard time making friends, like me, then this is definitely a gift idea for them! You’ll probably get a few laughs out of them as well.

And that’s it! Like I said before, let me know if you want more run-down lists, and if you have any topics or any shirts you want me to cover! I’m always happy to write about different topics, and I haven’t been able to recently because of how busy college has been. But I hope you have a good time on the website, go buy some shirts, and have a great day!

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