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Peter Parker and His Many Shirts!

If you’re a fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), then you probably know about Spiderman and his secret identity as Peter Parker. In the MCU, Peter Parker is a high school kid who gets scooped up into the big leagues when Civil War among the Avengers breaks out. Tony Stark takes him under his wing and we follow Peter’s story from there. Peter is not only a spider-themed vigilante at night but also an incredibly smart and resourceful kid by day. The school he goes to is Midtown High School of Science and Technology, where he is one of the best assets on his school decathlon team. That’s not the only way he shows off his intelligence though! Throughout his appearances in the MCU, he is shown wearing many different T-Shirts, all with some science pun on them! Let’s go through some of my personal favorites.

To start off, we have a pretty easy one! The Find X shirt has always been a personal favorite because of my own ability in math. It’s truly how I felt when they added letters into math. This shirt doesn’t have much to do with smarts, but more so smart alecks. This shirt is seen in a few press pictures with the actor, Tom Holland, eating a donut. It can also be seen in Spider-Man Far From Home when Peter is packing for his trip.

Another super fun shirt that Peter wears is his I Lost An Electron shirt. Peter wears this shirt when he goes to the Avengers Compound with Happy Hogan in Spider-Man Homecoming. This is the scene where Tony Stark offers Peter a place on the Avengers team, and he actually ends up rejecting Tony’s offer saying he’d rather stay helping “the little guy” than only sticking to the big stuff. If you’re a sucker for the father-son bond Tony and Peter have, this scene really hits the nail on it. From the playful punch on the shoulder to Tony wrapping his arm around Peter while walking, it’s truly a sweet moment between the two.

The last one of Peter’s iconic shirts I want to talk about is the Physics is Theoretical But the Fun is Real shirt. It’s a great shirt to wear if you want to show off your love of physics! This shirt is actually seen a couple of times. Once in the car in Spider-Man Homecoming with Tony Stark. Tony is giving Peter a run down of how he should continue in his vigilante activities right before he drops Peter off at his apartment after Civil War. The next time this shirt is seen is during the latest Spider-Man movie, No Way Home. Peter Parker is being interrogated after his identity is leaked to the world when none other than Matt Murdock walked in. No Way Home was honestly so fun to watch, especially in the movie theater with nerds just like me!

Lastly, I want to point out one more shirt in our shop. It’s not one that Peter himself wore during any of the movies, but one that the artist here on our team (RoseAriaArt on Etsy) made! In a scene from Civil War where Peter Parker is first introduced into the fight. This scene has always been a favorite because it’s when I really started getting interested in the MCU and went back to watch all the movies in chronological order before the next one came out.

Here at Horrible Shirts, we are big fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe! Hope you enjoyed some of our favorite shirts and scenes from Peter Parker himself, let us know if we missed any of your favorites! All shirts mentioned in this blog have a link to the shirts on our website, feel free to browse more Marvel-themed shirts by going to the search bar at the top left of the screen and typing in “Marvel”. Happy shopping!

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Noah James
Noah James
26 de dez. de 2023

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